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Vent Monitoring

An Open Source Project


 • Open Source Monitoring software for emergency ventilators.
 • Register DIY emergency ventilators
 • Monitor Statistics and Receive Alerts
   Learn more about open source ventilator monitoring.
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  How It Works
 • Watch the demo video.

 • Create your own local instance
    or use an existing cloud based monitor.
 • Sign up for an account.
 • Register ventilators.
 • Easily send ventilator statistics
    to the web based service.
 • View the Statistic Monitor.
 • Receive Alerts for
    statistics out of range.
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  Why Use?
  • The COVID-19 pandemic created a
     worldwide ventilator shortage.
  • Many emergency ventilators were created
     to supplement the shortage.
  • These ventilators are low cost and often
     lack the necessary monitoring capabilities.
  • This project aims to make it easy to set up
     monitoring and alerts.
  • Register your emergency ventilators
     quickly and easily to begin monitoring.
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